About me

I love working with computers.

I worked as an Apple Authorized Service Provider back in High-school.

I love to poke around in my operating system to see how it works.

To unwind after my studies I like to learn more. Here’s some stuff I’ve been checking out.

Name My thoughts
POCORGTFO I love hacking. This magazine series shows off cool hacks that people have come up with.
Practical Binary Analysis The fundamentals of how things work has always interested me. Along with that I’ve learned how to wield the knowledge of how binaries work.
Lex and Ycc I loved learning about languages in Discrete math. Lex and Yacc are so nice for getting started building your own languages.


Systems programming

Applications programming

Software Design



Language Thoughts
C I love the feeling the computer’s heart beat as I program in C
C++ I like using C++ when a problem can leverage C++’s abstractions over C
Python Grate for getting an idea off the ground and running
Go Go is right between C++ and Python. Fast to write and fast to run

Here are some languages that I’m intarested in, but I haven’t fully taken to yet.

Clojure, Rust, Kotlin, Common Lisp, Haskel, Dart


Vim / Neovim


grep | sed | awk